• Assessing the Department’s and the State’s current AV conditions (testing and operations) and provide recommendations for changes.
  • Benchmark against industry and current federal, state, local, and international initiatives
  • Provide near-term actions for NCDOT and key State agencies


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Automated Vehicles

Autonomous technology is fast approaching and each state should be prepared. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), in response to rapid advancements in vehicle technology is undertaking a study to understand what actions, activities, and processes are required to prepare the State for autonomous vehicles. The plan should address the following:

  1. The measures necessary to successfully implement autonomous vehicle technology, including any legislative changes.
  2. Complications or liabilities that could arise by allowing autonomous vehicle technology.
  3. How autonomous vehicle technology can promote research and development in this State.
  4. Any other matters the Department and partner agencies deem relevant.


  • ADVANTAGES: increased capacity, reduced road signage, reduced space for parking
  • OBSTACLE: liability, reliability, technology upkeep, resistance
  • Safety and Mobility Led (Private Sector)
  • Self-driving

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